Active Hospital Toolkit

Active Hospital Toolkit


We conducted insight conversations with staff across our Trust, to understand what helps and hinders conversations about physical activity. Some issues may be similar in your hospital but it will be useful to find out what barriers and enablers are unique to your setting too.

First, look closely at what’s happening. That means talking to staff and exploring:

Why conversations about physical activity aren't happening at the moment.


What could change to make them more likely to happen in the future?

Our experience suggests some common answers to these questions which you may find too. Based on that experience, you may need to:

Find opportunities

Get physical activity on the agenda

Build staff confidence

Create an active environment

This Design section will help you plan your Active Hospital

This guide might help you to run your own insight work with staff

Once you understand why conversations about physical activity aren’t happening in your hospital, and what could change to make them more likely to happen in the future, move to the Deliver section to start planning your interventions.


It is important to consider governance early; it provides the fundamental components from which you can build your plans. Check out the Governance section to read more.