Active Hospital Toolkit

Active Hospital Toolkit

Deliver your Active Hospital

We have included a range of case studies across different healthcare settings to share our experiences. There is also a section on system wide interventions and the key components of the governance framework that need to be considered.

Case Studies
In this section we present the Active Hospital pathways as case studies, along with our tips and reflections. They are presented in different secondary care healthcare settings:

If you have developed a clinical pathway aimed at increasing physical activity levels of your patients please share this with us and we can include it within the toolkit.




Chronic Condition

We have chosen to present a complex medical unit as our inpatient case study. Patients on the unit have high levels of frailty and multi-morbidity and are at high risk of delayed transfer of care.


For our outpatient case study we focus on maternity patients with complicated medical pregnancies through the OUH Silver Star service. These patients with Gestational Diabetes have higher levels of physical inactivity.

Our surgical case study focuses on patients with aortic stenosis who have high levels of multi-morbidity and frailty and are unfit for open heart surgery. They are treated through the TAVI pathway.


Our chronic condition case study focuses on patients who have had an amputation. This is a high risk group with a 77% 5 year mortality rate.


During the delivery phase it is important that a robust governance framework is in place, delivered through regular governance meetings.