Arrange support

There are three ways to give your patients further support and next steps.

What you can arrange

Referral to a multidisciplinary pain programme

Arranging of a follow up appointment with you or a colleague

Referral to a walking for health or exercise referral programme

Multidisciplinary pain programme: This may be particularly important for people who are fearful of activity, have co-existing mental health problems and have been previously been unsuccessful in becoming more active

Follow up with you or a colleague: The arrangement of a follow up appointment would also be appropriate for those people deciding not to become more active yet, but who want to ‘think about it some more’ The follow up appointment could be face to face but could also be via telephone or text.

Exercise on referral schemes are widely available throughout the UK, but their referral criteria and programmes vary. Check the local council’s website or contact the council’s physical activity lead to find out more information.

Signpost activities

In England, Active Partnerships coordinate and support the delivery of regional physical activity and sport opportunities with links from their website. Contact them for an overview of regional activity

There is no national database of local activities, but the County Sports Partnership teams coordinate a mix of local activities and signpost regional teams from their central website.

There are a wide range of UK organisations that support people being active. Further information is shown by clicking on the icons below.

Find an enjoyable opportunity near you


Walking is the most accessible and practical activity available to the majority of people. It is easy to start, build up gradually and can fit into many aspects of the daily routine

Walking for health is England’s largest network of short health walks over easy terrain supported by a large network of volunteers.

Ramblers are a long established waling organisation who support walking for health and have a large catalogue of walking opportunities around the UK as well as opportunities to volunteer to support other walkers

Walkit is a website supporting active travel with a routefinder delivering local walking routes across a number of major cities in the UK

Nordic Walking UK coordinate a national network of nordic walking groups, instructors and events


Sustrans coordinate the national cycle network and support both cycling and walking nationwide. Their website provides information about cycling routes

Let’s Ride organise cycling events for all abilities nationwide in partnership with British


Couch to 5K is a free app that has been designed to get individuals off the couch and running in just 9 weeks, with step-by-step instructions.

parkrun organise free, weekly, community based 5km runs all over the UK. They are open to everyone, free, safe and easy to take part in.

RunTogether is an initiative from England Athletics to provide fun, friendly, supportive inclusive

Goodgym are a communities of runners across the nation who combine activity with doing good deeds such as physical tasks for the community, providing support to isolated older people with social visits and doing one-off tasks


One You Active 10  is an app from Public Health England, helping individuals fit 10 minute bouts of activity, such as brisk walking, into everyday life.


Be Inspired aim to help people get the most out of sporting excitement. They have a range of useful guides to help people get into a huge variety of sports

BBC Get Inspired have an online activity finder to find ways to get active near home as well as tips and stories on how to get going

Walking Football support a growing network of walking football clubs across the UK.

Conservation and Volunteering activities

The Community Volunteering (TCV) charity support people to improve their health and wellbeing by being outdoors, active and connected with others. They have a nationwide network of activities.

TCV run programme called GreenGym, supporting volunteers to undertake conservation activities, such as establishing wildlife ponds or planting trees, with an emphasis on health and fitness

Goodgym are a communities of runners across the nation who combine activity with doing good deeds such as physical tasks for the community, providing support to isolated older people with social visits and doing one-off tasks

At work

Workplace Challenge is a national workplace programme which provides an opportunity to record levels of sport, physical activity and active travel amongst employees, in competition with  other workplaces.

Being active with a disability

The Activity Alliance works to enable organisations to support people with disabilities to be and stay active

Exercise Move Dance are the national body for group exercise and support dance and other classes across the country. They offer a directory of local activities and support people of all ages, abilities and interests

ParaDance UK aim to develop and promote dance as a sport and an inclusive leisure activity across the country for those who would otherwise be excluded. To find a local group use their find a group function.

Minda national mental health charity, offer a programme to help people with mental health issues get active through specially designed physical activity projects


Disadvantaged communities

Sporting equals is a partner organisation of Sport England that promotes physical activity and participation in sport by disadvantaged communities particularly for people in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic populations


Change4Life is Public Health England’s flagship social marketing programme aimed at tackling obesity and encouraging families with children aged 5-11 to ‘eat well, move more, live longer’

Find your local park. Use to find  local parks, open spaces and playgrounds.

Buggyfit support a wide network of women across the UK looking to keep physically active following the birth of a  child. Group sessions are fun and supervised by a qualified instructor Welcome to Buggyfit

This Girl Can is a national campaign to help women overcome the fear of judgement that is stopping too many women and girls from being active.

Home based exercises

Generation Games, a regional Age UK programme, hosts videos designed to support home based exercises. This link finds an exercise routine designed for older people. It is suitable for everyone, whatever their ability or fitness level  and can be done sitting or standing to help build strength, balance and cardiovascular fitness. A DVD may be available on request

Later life training

Later life training provide specialist, effective exercise training for health and exercise professionals working with older people, frailer older people and stroke survivors. They have a fantastic network of professionals and loads of resources like seated exercise programmes

Dance and Fitness

Classfinder, by EMD UK is a search tool for finding local fitness and dance classes. It lists tens of thousands of activities all across the UK. Users can search by their specific abilities, preferences and individual needs.

ParaDance UK aim to develop and promote dance as a sport and an inclusive leisure activity across the country for those who would otherwise be excluded. To find a local group use their find a group function.


Support from people who understand what it’s like to live with Depression

Mind is a mental health charity in England and Wales. “Get Set to Go” is a project funded by Mind, Sport England and the National Lottery. They support people with mental health problems to get physically active in their local communities.

1.       Activities delivered through a network of local Minds and

2.       Peer support to get active through theElefriendsonline community.

3.       Resources and support to get active

For more information go to:

“We Are Undefeatable” is a national campaign by 15 leading health and social care charities to inspire and support people with long-term health conditions to build physical activity into their lives, in a way that suits them. The campaign is inspired by, and features, the real-life experiences of people with long-term health conditions getting active despite the ups, downs and unpredictability of their condition.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) have a special interest group of Psychiatrists interested in promoting physical activity interventions for mental health conditions. The RCPsych Sport & Exercise Psychiatry Special Interest Group (SEPSIG) website along with further information can be found on the RCPsych general website.

Physiotherapists in mental health teams are ideally placed to provide further information –