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2-4 weeks post natal physical activity recommendations

Continue pelvic floor muscle exercises, progressing core and pelvic stability exercises and increasing levels of aerobic activity by walking. 

ii.             Bodyweight muscle balance and strengthening exercises 

Within the limits of your postpartum recovery, you can now start thinking about commencing bodyweight strengthening exercises, targeting the major muscle groups of the body; upper and lower. This will help to get your brain and muscles communicating again, whilst reinforcing functional movement patterns. Gentle pregnancy yoga exercises would still be suitable at this stage if you were used to doing it through pregnancy. Otherwise, try some slow and gentle squats, lunges, step-ups (keep the height low), double-leg glute bridges and overhead upper body movements. Keeping these movements slow will help you stay in control and find your comfortable range. Adding-in holds at e.g. the bottom of the squat, will help build muscle endurance.