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6 months + post natal physical activity recommendations

  1. Beyond this stage you will gradually and eventually be able to return to pre-pregnancy activity levels. It is important to continue pelvic floor muscle exercises, core exercises and a strength routine. 
  1. You may now have successfully completed a return to running programme. If this is the case you can now look to add in buggy running. 

Buggy running can be commenced from 6 months onwards and can be a great way to run when there are baby-related time constraints. Most manufacturers advise waiting until 6 months because – generally – your baby’s neck and back will be developed enough to cope with the motion associated with buggy running. There is little research into the impact of buggy running on women. 

It is recommended that you use a buggy that has a five point harness for baby; fixed front wheels; hand-operated brakes; rear wheel suspension; pneumatic tyres; three wheels and a wrist strap. 

There are different ways to use a running-buggy; push and chase, one-handed and two-handed. The two handed technique has been shown to have a similar speed to normal running; and is the recommended way to use a buggy initially.