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Beyond 12 weeks post natal physical activity recommendations

Continue pelvic floor muscle exercises, progressing core and pelvic stability exercises and reducing sedentary time. 

ii.             Continue gradual increase in the intensity of low-impact aerobic activities e.g. power-walking, using a cross-trainer or static-bike, and if ready, start impact-based activities according to stage of recovery, fitness level, and fatigue. 

iii.            Impact-based activity 

Expert guidelines [1] suggest that beyond 12 weeks postpartum, high-impact activities are now suitable. 

If you are building up to jumping, do so gradually, working on power in strength-based exercises and incorporating stamping, stomping, and bounding before progressing to jumping activity. 


  1. Goom. T, Donnelly G., Brockwell E. Returning to running postnatal – guidelines for medical, health and fitness professionals managing this population; March 2019