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PACC Additional Reading

We have a range of additional reading available if you would like to become a physical activity clinical champion. There are also a number of resources found within the community of practice and include:

  • Webinars – to support you in presenting on the different topics
  • Updates on new resources and slide decks available
  • Information on ongoing training that can be offered following on from the presentation

Additional Reading List

Active Conversations

Active Conversations is an online course which teaches motivational interviewing in the context of physical activity. Developed by clinicians, for people working in healthcare, this course can support you to make the most of everyday conversations.

Visit here

Diploma in Exercise Medicine

The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK run an Exercise Medicine diploma. BASEM also run a revision course for this. The next course will be taking place in early 2025.

Learn more

e-learning for healthcare

There are a number of resources available which can be found here.

Other resources

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