How to use this resource

1. Pick a condition 

There are 10 toolkits, each tailored for specific conditions: 

Cancer, COPD, Dementia, Depression, Falls and Frailty, Inflammatory Rheumatic Disease, Ischaemic Heart Disease, Musculoskeletal pain, Disease prevention and Type 2 Diabetes

2. Choose by how much time you’ve got

Each toolkit is made up of 4 elements::

  • The 1 minute conversation
  • The 5 minutes conversation
  • More minutes conversation
  • Information for Patients

3. Prescribe movement

Within each conversation, you will find:

  • Step-by-step guides
  • Insights into behaviour change and how it works
  • Research and evidence behind the conversations: click on the information icons to find out more 

The conversations

The 1 minute conversation

For when there really is no time – the 3 most important messages to share, and a print-out for you to give to patients.

The 5 minute conversation

Comprises 3 steps:

  1. Ask: assessing patient behaviour and beliefs and introducing the subject
  2. Explore: find out how much they know already, and share any relevant extra information
  3. Agree: start make a plan and signposting activities.

The more minutes conversation

If ever you have the luxury of more minutes, this is the Rolls-Royce of physical activity conversations. All the content of the five minute consultation with extra, in-depth features including:

  • Calculate physical activity levels
  • Guidance and responses on answering common concerns
  • Clear diagrams explaining how physical activity improves symptoms
  • Ideas on how to build activity into the daily routine
  • Four planning options and PDF downloads
  • Diary printouts for people to take away
  • Signposting to a network of activities

Information for patients

This section contains PDFs for you to download and save, ready to print out for patients:

  1. Condition specific leaflets with a concise summary of physical activity information
  2. Personal workbooks to support physical activity behavioural change

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