Prescribing Movement

The ultimate step-by-step guide to conversations with patients about physical activity. Created in partnership with professional organisations, disease experts and patients, all handily packaged into structured conversations, based on the time you have available.

How to use

Want to know how physical activity can help in a number of conditions? We've put together evidence based information based on the time you may have available, and included some handy leaflets.

Join the Moving movement

We are Moving Medicine, an initiative by the Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine UK in partnership with Public Health England and Sport England. We work with clinicians, hospitals and patients to spread the word about the remarkably positive effects that just a little bit of movement can have on the symptoms of many common diseases.

Promotional Materials

We've created a whole bunch of posters, artwork and goodies for you to use free of charge to promote the importance of physical activity, and increase the number of physical activity conversations in your workplace. Dive in, download, spread the word.

Moving Medicine is the single most important advance in therapeutics in my 50 years in medicine. The benefit to harm ratio is outstandingly favourable and every drug or psychological prescription for a long-term condition should be partnered by a Moving Medicine prescription of activity.

Muir Gray Kt CBE DSc MD

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