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cancer ad -move more

Move more by breaking up sitting time – stand up during TV advertisement breaks or walk around the office.

stroke-PA reduces risk factors

Physical activity is shown to reduce risk factors associated with stroke. All stroke survivors are encouraged to live healthy and physically active lifestyles as part of increased independent function.

stroke – raising the heart rate

Physical activity that raises the heart rate, particularly walking, significantly improves fitness and mobility

Stroke – national guidelines

National guidelines encourage stroke survivors to engage in physical activity

stroke- fear falling

Stroke survivors often fear falling, however exercises targeting strength and fitness have been shown to improve balance and mobility.

stroke – appropriately graded evidence

Good quality evidence demonstrates that appropriately graded exercise is safe in stroke survivors.

Stroke – balance and mobility

Exercises which focus on strength and fitness are shown to improve balance and mobility .

Stroke – Improved physical function

Improved physical function and independent living is very important to stroke survivors. Increased physical activity has been shown to promote this .

Pregnancy – no kit

No kit is required – being more active doesn’t always mean attending an exercise class or going to the gym.

Pregnancy – Pelvic Floor

It is important to start pelvic floor exercises early in pregnancy