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Exercises for core and pelvic stability

You can also start some very gentle core and pelvic stability work (e.g. pelvic tilting lying flat with knees up), whilst avoiding increasing the pressure on the front of the abdominal wall.  

*** TIP! When getting out of bed, or off the floor if you’ve been lying on your back, roll yourself onto your side and push yourself up with your arms, before either bringing your legs over the edge of the bed, or kneeling to stand up. This reduces the pressure on the front of the abdominal wall, preventing “doming” or “coning” through any tummy gap, whilst also reducing outward pressure on a C-section scar, or downward pressure on the pelvic floor.*** 

Examples of exercises for core and pelvic stability:  

Standing, and, four-point-kneeling pelvic-tilts 

Diaphragmatic breath work, pulling belly gently towards spine (standing or lying down with knees up, feet on floor) 

Knee “fall-outs” lying down with knees up (feet on floor) 

For guidance, have a look at the following resources: 

  1. Ready Steady Mums