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Active Hospitals

How to use the toolkit

Starting a project like this can be overwhelming. This toolkit can help to get you up and running – it’s been designed as a series of steps but you can also go directly to the section which is most relevant to you.

Getting started

You might want to start by taking the quiz to consider what resources you have available and what you hope to achieve.

Design your Active Hospital

The design section describes the findings from our insight conversations and offers a guide to help you to complete your own insight work. This will help you to understand what helps and hinders different staff groups in your hospital from having conversations about physical activity with their patients.

Deliver your Active Hospital

We share our experience across different healthcare settings in a range of case studies. There is also a section on system wide interventions and key components of the Governance framework that you might like to consider.

Maintain your Active Hospital

Working together – by collecting and sharing data, information and knowledge – will help to improve our understanding of how to enhance the health of our patients by helping them to be more physically active. We are a planning to develop a community of practice to share experiences and learn from others to help improve the integration of physical activity within the NHS.

Embedding the Governance Framework

Embedding physical activity interventions within NHS Governance systems is essential to creating a sustainable, safe and well run service that maximises the benefits for patients. Within the different sections of the Toolkit, we’ve provided suggestions relevant to the Governance framework.

Develop a Business Case

Active Hospitals need funding and to secure funding you will need to develop a strong business case. Our guide provides information to help you with this step.


Explore opportunities for funding our own Active Hospital

Active Hospital resources

This section provides access to all of the project resources