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Active Conversations Curriculum

Below you can find information on the Active Conversations curriculum. The course is grounded in the everyday conversations you have in clinical practice and designed to be able to fit in and around busy lives. New modules are released every two weeks and contains mixed learning materials including video demonstrations, downloadable tip sheets, guides and worksheets, weekly practice tasks, friendly discussion forums and quizzes.

Behaviour change
Clinical practice

Learn how to open dialogue on physical activity in a way that is engaging rather than challenging

Understand the key processes that help structure conversations on physical activity

Learn simple techniques to help you deliver information so that people are ready to hear it

Help people focus on their own reasons for change without developing resistance

Understand and avoid common traps in conversations about increasing physical activity

Get better at helping patients visualise the future including the benefits of change

Build skills to help you have meaningful conversations in clinical practice

Learn how to have a positive impact in 1 minute, 5 minutes and more minutes conversations

Develop skills to help people make their own plans

Core skill

Develop and build conversational skills grounded in motivational interviewing theory

Understand how to use, access and deliver routine physical activity advice using the Moving Medicine online resources

Learn skills that are useful in all aspects of your life, both at work and at home

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