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Anxiety-Reduces Anxiety in the elderly

Evidence summary

A metanalysis of 19 moderate to high quality studies (1) in the elderly found mean anxiety score before and after intervention were 38.7 ± 5.6 and 33.7 ± 3.4 respectively, denoting a decrease in anxiety score after interventions, which included Thai Chi, Yoga, light exercise, aerobics, endurance. A further meta-analysis of 8 RCT and non-RCT studies of variable quality showed that participants who did 3 or more hours of light to vigorous activity were half as likely to score highly on validated anxiety outcome measures. (2)

Quality of evidence
B – Moderate

Strength of recommendation
1 – Strong

Regular physical activity should be considered in the elderly with physical activity. More high-quality studies are required however, the risk of adverse events is low.

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2) Mochcovitch MD, Deslandes AC, Freire RC, Garcia RF, Nardi AE. The effects of
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