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Cancer – Helps body composition

Evidence summary (Updated 2022)

A small reduction was observed in body weight in 1 meta-analysis in which both aerobic and resistance exercise was included (16 RCTs). A slight reduction in body fat percentage was seen in the same meta-analyses for breast cancer (10 RCTs)(1). This study only looked at post treatment. A further systematic review looked at 15 RCTs – 6 studies looked at patients undergoing active treatment and 9 studies post treatment(2). A small improvement in body composition was observed for resistance exercise interventions.
In a recent review of the evidence 20 reviews were shown to have a definite positive effect on body composition(3–22) .
Two considered the intervention as prehabilitation/ before treatment for the cancer(9,14). Two of 20 studies reported an improvement seen during the treatment stage(13,16). Eight of 20 reported on interventions during and post treatment(3,4,6,10,11,17,20,22). Three studies reported on improved body composition with PA interventions following cancer treatment(12,15,19). Four of 20 did not specify the treatment stage of the interventions(5,7,8,18).
While 7 reported on multiple cancer types(5–8,12,19,20), including lung, breast, colorectal, pancreatic, testicular, lymphoma, melanoma, vaginal, cervical, ovarian and bladder, and endometrial. Several reported on a single cancer only; improved body composition with the physical activity intervention group was seen in breast cancer(3,4,15–18), prostate(21,22), pancreatic(9), brain(10), gastrointestinal(14), head and neck(11,13) cancer patients.
When considering the intervention type studies considered multiple or combination physical activity/exercise interventions(3,4,22,5,8,10,11,14–16,21). Combined aerobic and anaerobic activities were evaluated(7,9,13,17). Other individual interventions shown to be effective included HIIT(20), Pilates, and aerobic(12) exercises. Physical activity delivered by exer-gaming was also found to have a positive effect on body composition in cancer patients(6).
Interventions of any frequency, intensity and duration were included in several the studies. Improvements in body composition were seen in moderate intensity and moderate-vigorous(11,16) intensity interventions. Rossi et al assessed aerobic interventions through the use of behaviour change(19) . Several interventions also looked at combination exercise and nutrition interventions and found a positive outcome on body composition(13,23).

Quality of evidence
Grade B – Moderate

Strength of recommendation
2 – Weak

Physical activity appears to have an overall benefit in body composition. The evidence suggests that this is predominantly in patients who undergo resistance-based exercises both during and post treatment in its analysis. There is marked heterogeneity in interventions and outcome measures.


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