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Cancer – Helps depression

Evidence summary (Updated 2022)
Meta-analysis demonstrated slight improvement in depression in all cancers, however no clear effect on depression was seen in a systematic review on breast cancer.(1,2)
2 RCTs and a systematic review have demonstrated no clear change in anxiety levels in studies for all cancer types and breast cancer respectively.(1,3)
Improved sleep quality was demonstrated from meta-analysis involving walking interventions.(4)
No improvement in quality of life was demonstrated in meta-analysis and systematic reviews for breast or prostate cancer, however for head and neck cancers there was control or improvement.(1,5,6)
In a recent review of the evidence 19 reviews were shown to have a definite positive effect on symptoms of depression.(7–25)
Three of 19 studies reported an improvement seen during the treatment stage.(9,19,25) Nine of 19 reported on interventions during and post treatment.(7,10–12,14,15,18,20,21) Four of 19 studies reported on improved depression symptoms with PA interventions following cancer treatment.(13,16,23,24) Three of 19 did not specify the treatment stage of the interventions.(8,17,22)
While 7 reported on multiple cancer types(9–11,14–17), several reported on a single cancer only; improved depressive symptoms with the physical activity intervention group was seen in breast cancer(7,8,18–26), and lung cancer(12,13) patients.
When considering the intervention type studies considered multiple or combination physical activity/exercise interventions.(7,8,10,16,21,23–25) Combined aerobic and anaerobic activities were evaluated.(12,13,15,19) Other interventions shown to be effective included Pilates(18), Aerobic exercises(9,20,22), mind-body activities(11,17) such as Tai Chi(26), Yoga, Qigong, and dance(17). Physical activity delivered by exer-gaming(14) was also found to have a positive effect on anxiety symptoms in cancer patients.
Interventions of any frequency, intensity and duration were included in several the studies. Improvements in depression were seen in moderate(9,20) intensity and moderate-vigorous(19) intensity interventions.

Quality of evidence
B – Moderate quality

Strength of recommendation
1 – Strong

Depression has been shown to have slight improvement. Further moderate to high quality evidence supports using physical activity to improve depressive symptoms in cancer patients. However, the evidence has high heterogeneity, but good data exists in general population to support a strong recommendation.


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