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Cancer – Physical activity has been shown to reduce the length of hospital stay in cancer patients

Reduce the length of hospital stay

Evidence summary

Two meta-analyses of studies of aerobic exercise programmes in lung cancer patients reported shorter hospital stays in the exercise groups (4-5). A prospective, non-randomised controlled clinical trial of physical activity prior to radical prostatectomy (6) and a systematic review of physical prehabilitation in surgery for colorectal cancer (2) however found no significant difference in hospital stay. The quality of studies in older patients undergoing colorectal surgery is poor.

Quality of evidence

Low quality

Strength of recommendation

Weak – on the basis of existing evidence and expert clinical opinion, some cancer patients may be expected to have improvements in length of hospital stay with pre-surgical physical activity.


Meta-analyses of studies in lung cancer have reported promising results with length of hospital stay post-surgery, however there is a need for further high-quality studies for all cancer groups.


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