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COPD – Decreased time in hospital / bad days

Evidence Summary (Updated 2022)
A large body of good quality observational data shows a reduction in hospital admissions due to COPD exacerbations with pulmonary rehabilitation / continued supervised maintenance exercise .
An observational study of 597 participants with COPD showed reduced hospitalisations over a 12 months period in the more active group.(1)
Readmission to hospital for COPD exacerbation was found to be reduced in higher activity groups. Adjusted HR (95% CI): 0.85 (0.59 to 1.24) usual physical activity 79-232 kcal/day; p=0.400; 0.49 (0.31 to 0.79) usual physical activity >232 kcal/day; p=0.003 Adjusted HR (95% CI): 0.87 (0.60 to 1.27) usual physical activity 79-232 kcal/day; p=0.469; 0.54 (0.34 to 0.86) usual physical activity >232 kcal/day; p=0.010.(2) Further observational studies also confirmed that readmission in 30 days and the year following discharge was lower in active groups.(3–5)
A 5 RCT meta-analysis showed a statistically significant reduction in the risk of experiencing ≥1 respiratory-cause hospital admission with continued supervised maintenance exercise (interventions ranging from 6-36 months) following PR (risk ratio 0.62, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.47–0.81, P<0.001). Statistical insignificance with a marginal trend towards the intervention group was seen in exacerbations (reduced risk ratio 0.79, 95% CI 0.52–1.19, P=0.25, I2=0%), mortality, hospital admissions (all-cause), length of star and outpatients or GP visits.(6)
However, the evidence for early pulmonary rehabilitation during an exacerbation was not always shown to reduce admission length. An 8 RCT (n = 434) meta-analysis looking at early PR (within 3 days of AECOPD admission). Early PR did not reduce the duration of hospital stay (MD: 0.26; 95% CI: −0.08 to 0.61; Z = 1.49, P = 0.14).(7)
A further review looking at when to start PR following COPD exacerbations. Clinically relevant reductions in readmission up to 3–6 months after PR in both early group (within 1 week) (4 trials, n= 190, risk ratio [RR] 0.58, [95% CI 0.34–0.99]) and late group (3 trials, n= 281, RR 0.48, [95% CI 0.32–0.71]). However, pulmonary rehabilitation had no significant effect on mortality 1 year later compared with usual care (4 trials, (n= 765); RR 1.27, [95% CI 0.91–1.79]).(8)
Garcia-Aymerich(2,9) et al have conducted a number of observational studies looking at the role of physical activity and COPD outcomes. They have found the COPD admissions were reduced in active groups (Adjusted IRR (95% CI): 0.72 (0.53 to 0.97) in low/moderate/high physical activity; p=0.033)
Another SR and MA looking at early PR. They showed clinically relevant reduction in mortality after early PR (4 RCTs, (n = 319); RR = 0.58 (95% CI: [0.35 to 0.98])) and at the longest follow-up (3 RCT, (n = 127); RR = 0.55 (95% CI: [0.12 to 2.57])). Early PR reduced number of days in hospital by 4.27 days (1 RCT, (n= 180); 95% CI: [− 6.85 to − 1.69]) and hospital readmissions (6 RCTs, (n= 319); RR = 0.47 (95% CI: [0.29 to 0.75])).(10)
With regards to exacerbations and admissions, Moy et al found increases in groups that had reduced daily step counts and lower 6MWT distances. For each 1000 fewer steps per day walked at baseline, there was an increased rate of exacerbations (rate ratio 1.07; 95%CI = 1.003-1.15) and hospital admissions (rate ratio 1.24; 95%CI = 1.08-1.42).(11)

Quality of Evidence
Grade B – moderate quality.

Strength of recommendation
Grade 1 – strong recommendation.

Clinical evidence is that sustained and regular physical activity can reduce the number of exacerbations , and the need for hospital admissions .


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