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COPD – Increased Confidence and increased self esteem

Evidence Summary (Updated 2022)
A large body of good quality interventional data shows an improvement in quality of life as measured by mental health outcome scores. Mind body exercises(1), Tai Chi(2), and HIIT(3), all conferred benefit .
The use of step count monitors has been shown to improve self-efficacy and overcome barriers to exercise.(4) Further qualitative research has shown that pulmonary rehabilitation can improve confidence and self-efficacy such that they were major themes in a study by Hogg et al.(5)

Quality of Evidence
Grade C – Low quality.

Strength of recommendation
Grade 1 – strong recommendation.

The evidence for the benefit is mostly qualitative. Improved mental health outcomes have higher quality evidence and can also confer improved confidence and self-esteem according to expert opinion. Increased confidence and self-efficacy can help maintain an active lifestyle.


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