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Dementia – Improve socialisation, reduce loneliness, improve global well-being

Evidence summary (updated 2022)
There is some qualitative evidence for the benefit of physical activity and exercise participation to reduce loneliness and social isolation in people with dementia.
There is some qualitative evidence that engaging in physical activity is enjoyable and pleasurable for people living with dementia, and their carers(1).
There is some qualitative evidence that participating in physical activity can help promote feelings of confidence and purpose as well as helping people living with dementia to express themselves(1).
There is some evidence for combined mental activity and exercise interventions for promotion of quality of life and well-being(2,3). Opportunities to undertake physical activity that is adapted to people living with dementia in holistic, peaceful environments alongside those with shared experiences is preferred and patients may have psychological benefits(1,4).

There is limited systematic review evidence of benefits of physical activity to improve global well-being .
Expert opinion strongly recommends physical activity and exercise participation to maintain social contact, reduce loneliness and promote sense-of-self for individuals with cognitive decline.

Quality of evidence
Grade C – Weak

Strength of recommendation
2 – Strong

The supporting evidence is of low quality and has significant heterogeneity. Consider options to promote activity to maintain participation in groups and family-based activities and facilitate individuals with cognitive decline to remain engaged within their social network to reduce loneliness, promote sense of self and global well-being.


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