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Depression – Improves sleep

Evidence summary (Updated 2022)

Physical activity has a positive benefit on sleep quality in those with depression according to the literature and an expert consensus workshop held in April 2018(1).  Randomised control trials have  shown that supervised weight training 3 times per week can improve sleep quality (p=0.0002) in the elderly, as measured by standardised sleep outcome indices(2) and that 16 weeks of aerobic physical activity can improve sleep  and reduce depressive symptoms in the elderly.(3) A systematic review and network meta-analyses showed that exercise improved sleep in people with unipolar depression.  Vigorous strength and mind-body exercise were significantly more effective than usual treatment controls.(4)

Observational research of 950 men and 1045 women had shown that physically active young women with depression are less likely to present with excessive sleepiness and young men less likely to have insomnia and fatigue.(5)  Qualitative studies have also reported an improvement in regulating sleep patterns.(6)

Quality of Evidence

Grade B – Moderate quality

Strength of recommendation

Grade 1 – Strong recommendation


Physical activity can be recommended to improve sleep quality and reduce the symptoms associated with sleep disorders presenting in depression.


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