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IRD CTD – Improve your ability to carry out daily activities

Evidence summary (updated 2022)

Exercise based interventions improves fatigue and physical fitness in SLE [1-2,4] and there are improvements seen in disease activity scores in Polymyositis and Dermatomyositis patients [3,5]. Exercise programmes were safe and do not adversely affect disease activity in those with SLE [6]. Motivating patients to keep physically active can help maintain independence and allow them to continue with employment and perform key activities.
On updated review, 14 studies (7-20) investigated the effect of physical activity in patients with CTD on their ability to carry out daily activities. Patients had a spectrum of CTDs including scleroderma, SLE and idiopathic inflammatory myopathies but and most studies (9 out of 13) did not restrict participants to adults. Reflecting the epidemiology, most patients were female. Interventions were varied from aerobic training to specific resistance exercises with two studies including new technologies such as a wearable tracker or health app. 9 studies were systematic reviews and only one did not demonstrate a positive effect. The 5 remaining studies (9,12,18,19,20) were RCTs with 4 out of 5 of these showing a positive result , however one study using a novel intervention of blood flow resistance training did not demonstrate any differences (18).

Quality of evidence:
Grade A – High quality evidence. There was a potential reporting bias since outcomes were often self-reported with interventions not blinded. One study showed unexplained significant loss to follow up, but this was not seen repeatedly overall the data is robust.

Strength of recommendation
Grade 1 – Strong recommendation due to consistency seen across multiple studies and reviews.

There is significant evidence that physical activity can help improve ability to carry out activities of daily living for patients with a range of CTDs.

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