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IRD IA – Improves fitness

Evidence summary (Added 2022)

Physical activity interventions have been shown to improve cardiovascular fitness (1-3). A recent systematic review conducted by EULAR found category 1 evidence to support improvement in cardiovascular fitness in people with rheumatoid arthritis (3 ).

Quality of evidence
Grade A – High quality evidence with a robust systematic review completed by experts at EULAR

Strength of recommendation
Grade 1 – Strong recommendation for Rheumatoid arthritis

There is a strong evidence that physical activity and exercise interventions can help improve cardiovascular fitness in patients with Rheumatoid arthritis.


  1. Rausch Osthoff AK, Niedermann K, Braun J, Adams J, Brodin N, Dagfinrud H, et al. 2018 EULAR recommendations for physical activity in people with inflammatory arthritis and osteoarthritis. Ann Rheum Dis. 2018.