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Menopause – Improves Anxiety and Depression

Evidence Summary

Anxiety and depression are common presentations in women going through the menopause. There is a large amount of strong evidence from RCTs, systematic reviews and meta-analysis that show increased levels of physical activity reduced low mood and depressive symptoms, as well as improved anxiety and quality of life (1 – 13).
Low, moderate, and high intensity physical activities were included, as well as resistance exercises and mind body disciplines such as yoga and pilates (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 13). Overall, the menopause quality of life (MENQOL) scores improved with higher levels of physical activity. From the qualitative data this may be due to overall improved mood, mental wellness, and an overall reduced perception of the impact of menopausal symptoms. It was also shown that social and supervised activities had greater adherence rates long term (4, 5).

Quality of Evidence
Quality of Evidence: A – Strong evidence from multiple RCTs, systematic review and meta-analysis.

Strength of Recommendation
Strength of Recommendation: 1 – Strong recommendation, clinical and patient consensus is that physical activity improves depression and anxiety symptoms as well as reduces the overall impact of menopausal symptoms as measured by the MENQOL score.

Clinical and patient consensus is that physical activity improves depression and anxiety symptoms as well as reduces the overall impact of menopausal symptoms as measured


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