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MSK Pain – Reduces frequency of painful episodes

Evidence Summary (Updated 2022)
There is a large volume of high-quality evidence demonstrating that exercise therapy significantly improves pain in those with chronic low back pain (4). A Cochrane review previously identified the mean improvement as 10.2 points on a 0-100 VAS scale when compared with no intervention (1). These findings were corroborated in the most recent update which found a pooled mean difference of -15.2 (95%CI, -18.3 to -12.2, I2=75%)(3). Based on GRADE the Cochrane review thought the data was of moderate quality due to the risk of inconsistency (3).

In addition, trial evidence also suggests that regular exercise is effective at reducing the incidence of back problems in working age populations (13,14). Review studies found that pain was improved in the elderly with back pain when treated with an exercise intervention (5).

Lesser quality evidence suggests that exercise therapy is more effective when undertaken alongside an educational programme (15). Adopting a multidisciplinary biopsychosocial approach is more effective than physical treatments alone at improving pain (9).

Either isolated or multi-modal physical activity interventions can significantly reduce pain (16). A variety of interventions, including walking therapy (17), core stability exercises (18), resistance training (19), motor control exercises (20), Pilates, water-based interventions, yoga(7) and other mindful exercises(8) have been shown to be effective (16). In a review by Denham-Jones et al, not only did the study find improvement in pain with Pilates interventions but 3 included studies found that the frequency of painful episodes was also reduced (21).

There is no convincing evidence that exercise interventions are helpful in the management of acute back pain (1). However, continuing activities during episodes of acute back pain is important in reducing long-term morbidity and should be encouraged (22).

Quality of Evidence
Grade B – moderate quality

Strength of recommendation
Grade 1 – strong recommendation

Exercise interventions should be offered to those with chronic lower back pain, with or without educational and psychological interventions depending on the psychosocial contribution to their symptoms. Those with acute low back pain should be encouraged to keep active.


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