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Paed Asthma – Enjoyment of exercise

Evidence Summary
One study found that the children in the group undertaking a physical activity intervention gained fulfilment and pleasure. This was while participating in the moderate intensity aerobic exercise the intervention group was prescribed with a high attendance during the sessions.

Quality of Evidence
B – moderate quality, only one study used this as an outcome measure and showed statistically significant improvements.
Strength of Recommendation
1C. Strong recommendation, low quality evidence as only from one study.

Exercising can be an enjoyable activity for children and adolescents to participate in. One study found a high attendance rate, enjoyment level, and fulfilment in children who completed an activity programme.

Abdelbasset, W. K., S. F. Alsubaie, S. A. Tantawy, T. I. Abo Elyazed and D. M. Kamel (2018). “Evaluating pulmonary function, aerobic capacity, and pediatric quality of life following a 10-week aerobic exercise training in school-aged asthmatics: a randomized controlled trial.” Patient Prefer Adherence 12: 1015-1023.