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Periop- Reduces cancer mortality and risk of cancer recurrence

Evidence Summary
A systematic review and meta-analysis has demonstrated reduced overall mortality for patients surviving colorectal and breast cancer related to physical activity, with a decrease in total mortality seen with any increase in physical activity levels (1). A similar systematic review of 22 prospective cohort studies examining the benefits of physical activity on patients with breast cancer demonstrated reduced risk of breast cancer events (recurrence, new primaries and progression) in those with increased levels of pre- and/or post-operative physical activity (2). A review of 26 studies of colorectal, breast and prostate cancer patients identified a 37% reduction in cancer-related mortality between those most and least active, and reduced risk of recurrence or cancer-specific death (3).

Quality of Evidence
Grade A

Strength of Recommendation
Grade 1 – strong

Physical activity has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer. For patients with a diagnosis of cancer, pre- and post-operative physical activity has been shown to reduce recurrence and overall cancer related mortality.


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