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T1D – Prolongs the honeymoon period

Evidence Summary

 Newly diagnosed type one diabetics sometimes experience a period of partial remission known as a honeymoon period.  A 2018 study of 17 participants recruited from 3 uk clinics found that physical activity prolonged this honeymoon period. The mean duration of honeymoon was 28.1 months in physically active cases compared with 7.5 months in sedentary controls. Within this series, one antibody-positive patient with Type 1 diabetes had stopped all insulin therapy and was in complete remission for two years. [1]

Quality of Evidence

C – Low

Strength of Recommendation

1 – Strong recommendation


This study shows a remarkable improvement in honeymoon duration by the inclusion of physical activity. However this is a relatively small study and it is stated in the paper itself that a formalised randomised control trial on this topic is required.


[1] – Chetan, M., Charlton, M., Thompson, C., Andrews, R., & Narendran, P. (2018). Type 1 diabetes “honeymoon” is almost four times longer in people who exercise.