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Promotional Materials

Patients, families, friends and healthcare professionals can all benefit from building activity into the daily routine to treat and prevent illness. We have posters aimed each of these groups for you to print out and put up. We’d love to see pictures of them when you’ve done it, tag us on @MovingMedicine or @movingmedicineuk on instagram. And if you’d got any feedback or ideas for more posters, please mail

There are also flyers, to help create awareness, and event posters, to help promote physical activity within your corner of the NHS.


Join the Moving Movement

Everybody dance now

Teach an old dog new tricks

Become a hoover groover

Simon says get up

Pitter patter and a natter

From ouch to ohm

Practice what you prescribe

This won’t hurt a bit

Event posters


What costs the UK £7.4 per year?

What causes as many deaths each year as smoking?

What can help reduce long term disease by 40%