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Active Hospitals

Case Studies

In this section we present the Active Hospital pathways as case studies, along with our tips and reflections. They are presented in different secondary care healthcare settings: 


Complex Medical Unit (CMU)




mm-icons-ischemic Heart Disease



mm-icons-amputee walking

Chronic Condition

Lower Limb Amputee

If you have developed a clinical pathway aimed at increasing physical activity levels of your patients please share this with us and we can include it within the toolkit.

“The Advanced Rehab Support Workers have been supporting with music sessions via the iPad (whilst the musicians can’t come into the hospital) and trialling some distraction equipment on the wards, alongside running some other more meaningful activities.

I am blown away with how effective they are at engaging patients.

To me there is a real difference on [the wards] now, and I do think they play a huge part in creating a positive, energised atmosphere.

I honestly can’t rate them enough, there is so much potential for similar roles.”

Memory Nurse Specialist, CMU Pathway, 2020